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New Build New Concrete Immunisation
Concrete quality arguably is not what it used to be. At the end of the day, the only variable in the process is weather and manual finishing process. The Concrete Doctor immunises concrete for dusting concrete and stain prevention.
New Decorative Concrete Resurfacing System
Teaching New Exclusive Patent Pending Resurfacing Methods and Products. Old resurfacing methods can’t compete, more uptime than the competitors 1970’s technology, flammable and poisonous sealing products.
Why we Prefer Eco Friendly Products
Water-based products are not the only advantage when doing decorative concrete, but they actually allow you to work on those days most of the competitors would pack up and go home.
Specifying Our Exclusive Products
Smart builders now understand the importance of early treatments to prevent concrete dusting and protect from other trades stampede to complete the job. Significantly reduce final defects to concreted areas.
The Franchise Business Opportunity
Get in early and reserve your exclusive area. Popular areas close to where you live or where you want to live, reduces travel time to your jobs. Drive to your own clients work in minutes instead of hours up and down highways for someone else’s dream. Concrete Doctor gets your life back.